Visa information

Visa information

Russian tourist visa

The Hotel offers visa support for the delegates of the Watermark Conference-2017 and provides them with two documents (by fax or email): the confirmation of the reception of the foreign citizen and the voucher. You will have to apply to the Russian consulate or embassy with these documents to get the Russian tourist visa.

To get the visa support documents you have to fill in the tourist visa invitation form which will be sent to you together with the hotel booking form. Please contact the Organizing Committee for further information.

Russian business visa

Delegates from some countries are required to get the business visa to travel to Russia. In this case please contact the Organizing Committee for further information.

Contact person:

Oxana Volkova

Tel.: +7-(812) 346-50-15 (-16)|+7-(812) 495-43-02

Fax: +7-(812) 325-20-99


Oxana Volkova
Oxana Volkova Specialist of International Cooperation Department

ATTENTION: Please note that sometimes several weeks are required to get the Russian visa. We recommend you to contact Russian consulate or embassy located in your country for exact information about periods of making Russian visa in advance in order to have enough time to get the visa.

Also for guidance and information on Russian visas please refer to the following website:


If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, you can send e-mail to or please call +7(812) 495-43-02