Three-dimensional security


The final day of the 7th International Conference on Security Technologies and Solutions Watermark Conference–2017 started at Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Yekaterinburg.

The fifth session of the conference is devoted to security with help of holograms.
Micaal Sidorov, Deputy Director for Research & Business Development of International Hologram Manufacturers Association (Currency News, United Kingdom), spoke about the latest trends in the industry for the production of holograms for banknotes. “DOVIDs or holograms are now considered to be one of the main and most effective public security features and are used on over 280 denominations worldwide”, – said Mr. Sidorov. – “They have developed into rather complex features produced using different proprietary techniques and are no longer limited to traditional iridescent effects”.The speaker examined the various requirements and challenges faced by hologram developers, he also mentioned competitors of holograms from other optically variable devices, such as color-alternating strands, motion effects (motion technology), and Spark technology from SICPA.

The speech by Andrey Smirnov, Head of Holographic Laboratory of JSC RPC Krypten, Russia, was devoted to the evolution of hologram security elements used for the security of banknotes, security papers and ID documents. With examples of the world trends (excise stamps, banknotes of Canada, Israel, France, etc.) Mr. Smirnov revealed the tendency of application of voluminous photopolymer holograms in security printed products as optically variable security features. The speaker briefly described the history of security of products using photopolymers in Russia:
– 1993 – the first excise stamp protected by a hologram on the label of vodka “Rasputin” (“wink”),
– 2010 – a hologram on a banknote with a face value of 5000 rubles,
– 2013 – on a memorable banknote dedicated to the Olympics in Sochi,
– 2015 – on the “Mir” payment card,
– 2016 – the first volumetric hologram appeared on the letterhead of the VHI policy, etc.
Moreover, Andrey Smirnov reviewed the latest developments of RPC “Krypten” in the area of hologram security solutions, including colorful self-adhesive labels (currently more than 30 different types of design have been developed).

Vice President for sales in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS of the French company Surys Michel Sochocki in his speech “Evolutions of the DID ™ Technology or how to be one step ahead counterfeiters” offered innovative solutions against counterfeiting and other forms of identity fraud. He talked about emergence of DID ™ technology (the effect of the variable coloring of the scarab beetle and butterfly wing is taken), which is now successfully used in more than 60 countries. So far, according to Mr. Sochocki, there have not been recorded any single case in the world of forgery of a document protected by the DID element, which must carry out the following functions: rapid verification, difficulty in forgery, full security of information.

Natalia Stasyuk, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder of the Russian company IQDEMY Chemicals, described to the participants of the conference QUANTUM DOTS INK – which is an ink containing quantum dots, she told about their advantages in comparison with other similar products. These inks can be used to create special labels (watermarks, signatures), markings that track the authenticity of documents (banknotes, passports, plastic cards, strict reporting forms, bills of exchange, shares, etc.), markings with special color codes.

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