Security features


This was the title of the final session of the 7th International Conference on Security Technologies and Solutions Watermark Conference-2017.

The first speaker was Muriel Schuler, Product Manager of Landqart AG (Switzerland), a company which produces paper for Swiss francs and passport paper for national Swiss passports since the 1970s.
Ms. Schuler introduced Durasafe technology platform for secure and durable banknotes. This substrate has qualities of both paper (roughness, high tactility) and polymer (increased resistance to mechanical wear). It is also highly utilized with industrial shredders and is a good secondary raw material.

Speech by Elena Gubareva, Deputy Director of RUE “Minsk Printing Factory” of Goznak (Republic of Belarus), was devoted to the production, prospects and innovations of excise stamps for tobacco products and alcohol products in Belarus. The speaker drew attention of the conference participants to new protective solutions with unique visual features which have been used in the production of excise stamps in the Republic of Belarus since this year.

Inna Zakharova, Deputy Head of Forensic Expertise Department of Forensic Science Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, made a presentation “Counterfeit banknotes and document forms investigated by Forensic Science Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in 2016”.
“The analysis of the results of the work of forensic divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia shows that in previous year the number of counterfeited banknotes of the Bank of Russia and currency of foreign countries detected was 13% less. The number of examined counterfeited forms of documents of the Russian Federation doubled. Of them, 61% are driving licenses, 17% are compulsory motor insurance policies. The experts of the Department analyzed over 6,500,000 counterfeited federal special and excise stamps for marking alcohol products”, – said Ms. Zakharova.
She gave a detailed consideration to the description of falsified security features of counterfeit passports of citizens of the Russian Federation, driving licenses, compulsory motor insurance policies, vehicle passports and methods of their production.

Inna Zakharova’s colleague, Vladimir Shelupakhin, a Senior Expert of the Department of Handwriting Examinations and Technical and Forensic Research of Documents, described in details features of counterfeit cash tickets (Russian rubles and foreign currency).

Actual to date, according to the speaker, there remains the problem of so-called “ATM forgeries,” in the manufacture of which simulated machine-readable features. According to the speaker, the problem of the so-called “ATM counterfeits” remains important today, with the imitated machine-readable features.

Vladimir Elokhin, General Director of Scientific instruments Stock Company (Russia) highlighted the scientific and technical aspects of the application of fiber lasers for laser personalization and perforation of new generation identification documents. He reported about working together with the Goznak Research Institute, which resulted in the development of a new security element for ID cards containing a transparent window. In this element, it was possible to realize the personalization of two perspectives of the document owner simultaneously – “full face” and “profile”. The speaker also described a concept of a new security element based on the use of the “enclosed” ablation effect of metallized layers. This security element can be used asghost image and allows to display grayscale with high resolution, which increases the accuracy of visual identification of the owner of the document.

Owen Lang, Regional Sales Manager of Foster & Freeman Limited (United Kingdom), demonstrated to the delegates principles of work of VSC (video-spectral analysis) workstations that provide the forensic examiner with powerful facilities for the interrogation of documents – passports, travel and identity documents, banknotes, cheques, official letters, breeder documents, etc. With this workstation, as Mr. Lang underlined, it will be possible to check works of art for their authenticity.
Range of VSC8000 instruments has the ability to analyze inks and papers using infrared examination.
The software of the workstation enables the examiner to detect e-passport data and decode barcodes, Machine Readable Zones (MRZ), and information that has been hidden within images.

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