Professionals in the field of security technologies make their speeches at the Watermark Conference


The 7th International Conference on Security Technologies and Solutions Watermark Conference–2017 runs at Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Yekaterinburg.

Today, at 09:00, the first session of the conference began. Arkady Trachuk, the General Director of Goznak gave a welcome speech to the delegates and outlined the main directions of development of the security technologies industry.

Alexander Yurov, Director of the Cash Circulation Department of the Bank of Russia, shared his professional opinion about the near future of cash money.

“In the context of a rapidly changing global payments landscape, the future of the banknote industry relies on the synergetic cooperation among the issuing authority and industry players to collectively achieve an optimized cash cycle” – this was the thesis of Yulia Henchoz‘s speech, Regional Business Manager of a Swiss Company SICPA SA.

Michael Poluyanov, Sales Manager of KBA-NotaSys SA (Switzerland) demonstrated an innovative technology in the production of security products. He also spoke about a new approach in working with his clients. The company’s contractors, combining different technologies (focused on reducing defects and minimizing the consumption of paints), may reduce the total number of personnel, as well as modernize their production. The speaker, using the example of new Swiss banknotes, demonstrated how the latest innovations in technologies and in process support the secure printing industry in effective creation of highly secure and aesthetically pleasant banknotes.

The speeches of the delegates sparked discussions both in the conference hall and on the sidelines of the conference. For example, a representative of YAM International inquired a representative of the Bank of Russia about his opinion on crypto-currencies. After the answer of Alexander Yurov, a session coordinator Georgy Kornilov, director of the Research Institute – branch of Goznak, specified that the fourth session “Information Security Technologies” will be devoted to digital documents and means of payment, as well as document security in the blockchain field.

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