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Session 1. Main trends in the development of security technologies industry


Georgiy Kornilov


The Scientific Research Institute – Branch of Goznak, Russia

Presentation 1 (9.10 – 9.25)

Topic: Welcome address to the particiants of the Watermark Conference-2017

Speaker: Arkadiy Trachuk

General Director

Goznak, Russia

Presentation 2 (9.25 – 9.45)

Topic: Cash circulation – the modern reality and tomorrow

Speaker: Aleksandr Yurov

Director of Cash Circulation Department

Central Bank of Russia

Presentation 3 (9.45 – 10.05)

Topic: Cash cycle optimisation is the key to a successful banknote industry

Speaker: Yulia Henchoz

Regional Business Manager

SICPA SA, Switzerland


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In the context of a rapidly changing global payments landscape, the future of the banknote industry relies on the synergetic cooperation among the issuing authority and industry players to collectively achieve an optimised cash cycle.

To maintain banknotes as a strong currency for future generations, banknotes must fully meet the fundamental needs of users in terms of payment means – cost effectiveness, security and usability.

A large part of the banknote sorting and authentication can be delegated to commercial banks and businesses through the use of highly secured machine-readable technologies and equipment. This cuts the volume of banknote in transit for verification tasks and saves on processing costs while enabling commercial entities to detect, authenticate and recycle banknotes and benefiting from a cost-efficient flow of cash.


At SICPA, ink-based technologies have been developed as a coherent approach to the multiple challenges of an optimised cash cycle. Built on centuries of artistic heritage, Intaglio printing is the cornerstones of banknote production, being in itself security, a carrier of security features and reinforcing banknote durability. It serves as an ideal vehicle of exclusive level 2 machine-readable features based on infrared and magnetic detection, thereby addressing the complex needs of the banknote industry: machine-readable security (for commercial bank recycling uses), banknote durability (central bank savings), production timeframe and printability (security printing competitiveness), and enhanced usability (intuitive detection and payment ease for the public).

An optimised cash cycle, characterised by flow efficiency, cost savings and greater sophistication in counterfeit detection technologies, will positively influence the future of the banknote industry.

Presentation 4 (10.05 – 10.25)

Topic: Efficient Security – How innovative technology supports the high-security printing industry

Speaker: Michael Poluyanov

Sales Delegate

KBA-NotaSys SA, Switzerland


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Since the start of the century we have seen that banknote prices have come under pressure due to a

stronger competition in the market. At KBA-NotaSys we see it as our responsibility to support our

clients in their goal of efficiently producing banknotes and high-security documents. We have

therefore introduced some innovative new technologies as well as a new process approach.

By combining technologies our customers can reduce their overall manpower as well as their work in

progress stock. Other technologies are focused on reducing waste or minimising ink consumption,

two major cost drivers in the production process. At the same time we continuously work on the

introduction of cost-effective but at the same time visually striking security features for the general


This presentation will highlight how the latest technological and process innovations support the

security printing industry in the efficient creation of highly secure and aesthetically pleasing


Questions and answers (10.25 – 10.35)




09:10 - 10:35
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Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg hotel
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