Yekaterinburg, 2017

About 250 participants representing more than 100 companies from 20 countries took part in the 7th International Conference on Security Technologies and Solutions Watermark Conference-2017. 

The conference traditionally takes place every two years in different cities of Russia. This time the unofficial capital of the Urals was chosen as its venue.

From 4 to 6 July in Hyatt Regency Yekaterinburg Hotel, hundreds of industry professionals – representatives of national banks, security industry, public services – demonstrated the latest achievements in the field of production of security products, thereby consolidating the status of Watermark Conference as one of the most prestigious international business venues for business communications.

The conference programme 2017

Session 1. Main trends in the development of security technologies industry

Topic 1: Welcome address to the particiants of the Watermark Conference-2017
Topic 2: Cash circulation – the modern reality and tomorrow
Topic 3: Cash cycle optimisation is the key to a successful banknote industry
Topic 4: Efficient Security – How innovative technology supports the high-security printing industry

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Session 2. Banknotes

Topic 1: New conceptual solution for durable banknotes
Topic 2: Combining Processes and Technologies – The Way Forward in Banknote Printing
Topic 3: Global trends: payments landscape and cash in circulation
Topic 4: Full Color UV Images
Topic 5: Mobile Readable Banknote Security Feature

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Session 3. ID documents

Topic 1: Combatting Counterfeit Identities: Securing the Nation with Trusted Identities and Secure Transactions
Topic 2: ID document and physical security
Topic 3: Increasing beauty of polycarbonate documents through enhancing their protection
Topic 4: The perfect passport

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Session 4. Technologies of information security

Topic 1: Modern Electronic Document – more than ID
Topic 2: Authenticity identification of goods in Track&Trace system for security printing products
Topic 3: Watermarks on digits – documents security in blockchain environment
Topic 4: Blockchain. Opening new possibilities
Topic 5: Digital blockchain-based features of anti-counterfeiting security are a promising way of broadening the service range of a modern company

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Session 5. Holograms. Security features

Topic 1: Holograms for Currency: State of the Industry and Latest Trends
Topic 2: From iris surface-relief to volume-phase photopolymer hologram: the evolution of holographic optical elements in security printing
Topic 3: Evolutions of the DID™ technology or how to be one step ahead counterfeiters
Topic 4: Secure printing technologies of IQDEMY Holding

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Session 6. Security features

Topic 1: Durasafe – the platform for secure and durable banknotes
Topic 2: Tax stamps of Republic of Belarus: production, prospects and innovations
Topic 3: Counterfeited banknotes and forms of documents submitted to investigation to the forensic divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in 2016
Topic 4: Devices and technologies for laser personalization of high security ID documents
Topic 5: Advanced Technology for the Examination of Questioned Documents

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Photo-report of Watermark Conference - 2017